About Us

Our Greatest Asset – Our Staff

Millie Showers - Owner/Manager
Millie Showers - Owner/Manager

Millie has been keeping our numbers (and our guys) in line since 2008. She started in the back office as our bookkeeper before she began helping out on the front counter. After 7 ½ years of learning the trade, she purchased the business from Doug in June of 2015. As the owner, Millie now oversees the daily operations of the business and is dedicated to top notch customer service. Millie is married with two teenage boys, who keep her very busy in her spare time with school events and sports. When she does get downtime, she enjoys traveling and camping with her family.

Dan Beakey
Dan Beakey - Service Manager

Dan has been with Box K since December of 2014. He comes to us with 15 years of dealership experience from the Boston area. Dan basically runs the whole shop and makes it look easy. He can remember almost every customer’s name and car, and is dedicated to giving each and every one the best service and experience possible. Dan’s nickname is “Beakipedia,” as he has unbelievable knowledge of a little bit of everything. Dan is married with two small children. When not at work, Dan enjoys many adventures with his family.

Chris Gilgore - Master Technician
Chris Gilgore – Master Technician

Chris has worked in and around the automotive industry his entire life. He started working with Box K in 1989. This makes him our senior employee. Chris is our Lead Technician and is the person everyone goes to if they need help. This works well because Chris is one of the most friendly, caring people we know! He has maintained ASE Master Automobile and Heavy Duty Truck Certifications for well over 20 years. His latest achievement was earning his L-1 advanced level Diagnostic Certification. Chris is married with three children and is a member of the Peninsula Baptist Church.

Mike Schaefer - Master Technician

Mike Schaefer – Master Technician
Mike has been with Box K since 2013. Mike believes in working very hard. He is honest and takes great pride in a job well done. Ever willing to do what needs to be done, Mike is a team player. He is happy at work and committed to a pleasant work environment. With over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Mike is a highly skilled mechanic and believes in giving 100% to every job. His nickname at the shop is “Superstar,” and he more than lives up to it! When not working, Michael loves to ride his motorcycle and is devoted to his wife and children.


Mark Holmes

Mark Holmes - Shop Maintenance
Mark has been with Box K since June of 2015. Mark lends a helping hand to every member of our staff. He is in charge of picking up and delivering our customers and helping to keep their cars clean. He keeps the shop and it’s cars clean, helps run for parts and puts a smile on everyone’s face. He is a fun-loving guy who can find the humor in most situations. He’s definitely a keeper!


Doug Knutzen - Owner

Doug Knutzen - Founder
Doug founded Box K Auto Repair after leaving the Coast Guard in 1980. He chose the name “Box-K” to honor the memory of his grandfather’s cattle brand, and to signify his initials, D.K. In June of 2015, Doug retired from the business and passed the torch to Box K's new owner, Millie. Doug is married with three grown children. In his spare time, he is actively involved with Pacific County Fire District #1, Ilwaco Fire Department and Pacific County Technical Rescue. He is also a member of Ocean Beach Presbyterian Church.